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It was through a family friend’s recommendation that I found out about Spire. I liked their personalised service, and their designs and budget met what I was looking for and hence decided to engage them for my renovation. I gave my interior designer, Yvonne, my practical requirements such as storage space and child-proof environment. Yvonne was able to suggest designs based on these guidelines. I liked the ideas and colour scheme she suggested. Overall the renovation went well, everything was done on time and Yvonne would give me timely updates, be it editorial or pictorial updates, via email and WhatsApp. Her regular updates allowed us to stick to our timeline. One thing I really liked was how Yvonne could coordinate external vendors during the renovation process, such as for the water filtration to be set-up. After the renovation, we faced minor issues with the flooring which Yvonne was quickly able to rectify after following up with us.


I was browsing through the internet when I came across Spire. I had initially shortlisted a few interior designers but decided to go for Spire as I felt their interior designer, puts in effort in building a personal relationship with her clients. I am actually quite picky and wanted something very unique for my home. They were very patient and understood what I wanted. I had some idea in mind for the design of the house and Spire was able to make suggestions accordingly. They were able to custom-make all my furniture according to my requirement. Overall I feel the quality of the workmanship is good and Spire was able to meet the timeline I planned for my renovation, in fact everything was done within 5 weeks. Along the way there were some hiccups and I also wanted to some changes, which they were able to accommodate. I like how they were able to tear down a sliding door joining my living room and bedroom and replace it with a customised door. Even the follow-up was good with touch-ups and changes being made promptly. All in all I am satisfied with the way my house turned out.


Desmond from Spire ID was excellent! I actually got to know Spire ID through a friend and decided to engage them after seeing my friend’s wonderfully renovated place done by Spire ID a few years back. Desmond handled my whole project and oversees the entire renovation process, including liaising with a few parties such as the contractors. Everything was done as scheduled according to the timeline. I really appreciated how he has done up additional things which was not included in our initial plan. For example, he decided to help conceal the aircon ducting so as to make it more pleasant for the eyes, even though it was not something that we have discussed on earlier. Their service is incredible and after 2 months of moving in into my new place, I am still very happy with all the works that they have done.


The experience with Spire ID was fantastic with the whole renovation process and its end result exceeding my expectations! Desmond, being our designer, looked after the whole project. He does not simply makes promises, but actually over delivers and goes leaps and bounds to materialize my dream home into a reality. The renovated place in real life turned out exactly as how it was pictured in the 3D drawings, from the colours of the walls up to the furnitures in them. Whenever I proposed an idea, he would provide constructive feedback and made sure that I do not spend money on things unnecessarily. I would constantly ask him questions as to whether some furnitures would fit well in my home and he is ever so responsive and he even went out of his way to go furniture shopping with me. He was pretty much there throughout the renovation journey including the curtain fittings where he would provide his insights into what he thinks would match and look great for our home. Even though I have been living in my home for four new years now, Desmond would come in occasionally to do some touch ups since I like to change things up every now and then. Every Hari Raya, my guests have been asking me which interior designer have done up my place and I would never hesitate to recommend Spire ID to my family and friends. I am more than pleased with Desmond’s work and I have actually continued to engage them a couple more times for my office’s renovation and my family’s home.


It has been a very pleasant experience working with Desmond. I told him the things that I wanted and he was able to deliver. As Desmond is a man of few words, some people find him a little too quiet but personally, I really liked how he listens, takes in the ideas and does the job well. Since I am a practical person, he would come up with ideas which are both durable while not compromising on its aesthetic appeal at the same time. I had faith in Desmond in doing a good job which is why I gave him a lot of freedom and a green light for all the works without having me to monitor them too much. I have been living in my place for a few months now and his service does not stop there as he would do minor touch ups once in a while. The end result went beyond my expectations whilst still being able to be within my budget. Keep up the good work, Desmond!

Kian Hong

The experience with Yvonne was something hard to come by. She was very good and accommodative to what I wanted for my place. The place was so well-done up and when I actually sold off my place as I was going to move to another place, the buyer liked it so much he decided to take up the place within a day. In addition, the whole renovation was actually completed faster than what I have anticipated previously. There were some minor things that needed to be tweaked but Yvonne had been able to handle them well. I am already planning to engage Spire ID again for my next renovation project cause they were really great.


I first got to know about Spire ID through a friend. I was actually talking to a few other interior designers before eventually deciding to work with Chhaya from Spire ID because I felt that her style of work and ideas were most compatible to what I was looking for. We sat down for a couple of hours to discuss ideas for my home renovation, before she provided me a quotation. Hence, it was good how she wanted to fully understand what I liked rather than simply throwing in numbers without a comprehensive details to it. Chhaya was very open to my ideas and she would make sure that the suggestions are taken and implemented. Anything she thought that would be a concern to us, she would bring it up and gave us the best possible solution to it. Even after the renovation has been completed, Chhaya would promptly tend to the minor issues that needed to be addressed at my place.


Each time I needed renovation for my place, I would go back to Desmond. He has never failed to surprise me each time because he will always update me with the latest designs and trends. He does not simply recommend something trendy, but he will actually propose ideas which he thinks would be suitable for me and my home. It has been a really good experience working with Desmond and his quality of work are great. The kind of attitude, service, responsiveness and willingness to help of Desmond made him stood out among the other interior designers whom I had consulted before.


I first talked to Yvonne after I have gotten their contact through a friend, but Chhaya was the one who handled my project. I am very, very happy that I found them as my interior designers and that I end up engaging them for my renovation works. During our discussions, Chhaya was always so patient in listening to my requirements and making amendments to things along the way. The quality of work was good as well and whenever I had issues to raise to her, I could call her anytime and she would respond promptly. Since I was living there when the renovation was to be done, I requested for little things to be done each day and Chhaya accommodated to that very well and did not do much which would disrupt my lifestyle. They are just wonderful and my friend has actually decided to engage them for her renovation as well.

Telok Kurau

It has been a pleasant experience working with SPIRE ID for renovation of my new apartment.

Your diligence and systematic management has enabled the work to be completed on time as planned. The pricing and quality of the work is reasonable. Thanks for your effort.


Myself & my husband are so grateful for the help of SPIRE ID on the renovation work of our new unit. The finished product is 100% better & those who have seen it have stated that it is a well done job.

On top of this, when I first stepped into my house, I was feeling like stepping into my dream home. The workmanship was done so professionally & even in fact, I would say that it will be highly recommending of SPIRE ID to anyone that came into contact with renovation.

Again, thank you so much for the assistant, attention & support that SPIRE ID has given us. The renovation was carried out when we were overseas. Thank you.

Jake & Karen

Building good track records and reputation goes a long way in business especially renovation businesses whereby engaging a reliable contractor is my top priority and consideration. When I was searching for a design & renovation company to do renovation works, I was pleased that Ms Yvonne Chiang contacted me, whom I have the pleasure of working with in my last renovation back in Yr 2003. I have no hesitation to work with her again because I believe in her deliverables.

Hence, I wish to thank SPIRE ID for the job well done, especially Yvonne Chiang who have helped me design my wall feature as wine cellar as well as my TV console cabinet. I am satisfied with the quality of the work especially on the carpentry & tiling works. Above all else, SPIRE ID delivers their work within the agreed time frame without compromising on their work quality.


Spire was recommended to me by a friend. I found SPIRE to be RESPONSIVE, had GOOD DESIGNS, and suggested PRACTICAL IDEAS and hence I decided to engage them for my renovation. Spire asked a lot of questions to find out my requirements and was able to come up with a plan for the house from there. Overall I liked the designs they suggested. In particular, the mirror feature wall they designed is very nice and it doubles up as a shoe cabinet as well. Spire took on the INITIATIVE and rectified issues quickly.

I REALLY APPRECIATED how he has done up additional things which was not included in our initial plan. Their SERVICE IS INCREDIBLE and after 2 months of moving in into my new place, I am still very HAPPY with all the work that they have done.


Spire ID was one of the IDs recommended to us by Qanvast. We eventually selected them because we managed to view one of the completed jobs done by them, WORKMANSHIPS WERE GOOD. We liked the design Desmond proposed and found their workmanship standards are good. Working with Desmond was great because He was EXPERIENCED AND WELL-VERSED IN ALL ASPECTS. Overall the renovation work was a smooth one. There were minor issues during the renovation but Desmond was very quick in solving them. Generally, We are satisfied with the end result of the whole renovation. The post-renovation service is much appreciated as issues may not appear during handover. Desmond has a good team of subcontractors who DELIVER QUALITY WORK.

Ng Sim Yen

SPIRE ID was one of the recommendations I received from Qanvast. Yvonne was fast to respond, and very efficiently came up with a design that fit my requirements and more. She was able to provide functional suggestions incorporated with great design, well within our budget. We had several requests and changes during the renovation, and Yvonne was very patient and accommodative. She ensured the renovation proceeded efficiently, and when the circuit breaker hit towards the end of our project, she kept in touch throughout and updated us on the likelihood of resumption and managed to find solutions when we had to move in immediately after the circuit breaker was lifted. We’re still settling in while minor touch ups are ongoing, and she is always responsive to questions or defects we found. I will highly recommend her service to anyone looking for a great job to be done. Great Designs, Good Work, Patient Service.

WoeiLin Eng

We had a SUPERB EXPERIENCE working with Yvonne on our house reno. Her ideas are very practical yet pleasing to the eye at the same time. She incorporates our wants and needs to the best of her abilities and gives us advice if she thinks there will be a better way. We have been very impressed with her coordination as she hardly bothers us unless necessary. She also gave us really good contacts for purchases and we have been very pleased with all our purchases. After-reno service has been very good too, as she replies promptly and helps us with touch ups. She even comes up with necessary touch up requirements that we didn’t even think was a problem. It’s generally a really pleasant experience and WE LOVE OUR NEW HOME. Will definitely recommend her.

Mr Chan

I first got to know about SPIRE ID after seeing that they have done a good job for my friend’s house. The design was unique, the price is reasonable, and on top of that, the workmanship is great. The designer whom I liaised with, Yvonne, was able to comprehend my needs and come out with a design which I liked. She was also very responsive and updated me frequently on the progress through photos.


I directly contacted a few IDs featured on Qanvast directly. Decided to go ahead with SPIRE ID as they provided reasonable prices and they were able to come up with good design solutions for my house. My appointed ID, Yvonne was quick and experienced enough to handle the problems that I faced during the renovation. Overall, I am happy with the works done by Spire ID.


We selected SPIRE ID, as their prices are reasonable. Yvonne, our ID is a good, efficient and responsive ID. She was also able to complete the renovation within the time frame given by us. There were minor hiccups here and there which Yvonne was able to solve and rectify quickly. Overall, we are very satisfied with the works.


I found out about Spire through a friend. In terms of design, I knew what I wanted and they were able to make suggestions on top of it. Overall the renovation went well with minimal hiccups. My favourite part of the house has to be the TV console that Spire designed which has many hidden compartments. Follow-up was satisfactory as well with them promptly rectifying any issues I faced.


I got to know about Spire and Yvonne, my interior designer, through my brother-in-law who engaged them and gave good feedback about them. I was very satisfied with Yvonne’s work after our first few discussions and she was quick in responding back to me with the 3D visual images. There was not much follow-up required because things were done efficiently and there was constant feedback during the renovation process itself. When I shared my ideas with Yvonne, she was able to meet my expectations with her designs and proposed suggestions to improve the design in terms of convenience and functionality. There were some miscommunications during the renovation process, for instance the pipe installation was not done very well. Yvonne responded very quickly to such issues and rectified them. She did not charge extra for additional installations like bathroom handle bars, which is commendable. The most likeable trait for Yvonne is that she has very good coordination skills and does not let any opportunity that could help us save costs slip past. For instance, she suggested to recondition the antique study desk into a table for photo frame display that we initially were going to discard. We love it a lot!


Despite having a tight timeline, Desmond was quick and responsive and managed to finish the renovation on time, with our office renovation done in less than a month’s time. This is actually our second time engaging Spire ID based on our positive past experience with them and it did not disappoint the second time round. Desmond is very down-to-earth, straightforward and he does whatever that is necessary and practical for our office. He did a wonderful job coordinating with various parties such as the contractors and management cause sometimes it could be a hassle having to apply for permits but he managed to coordinate everything well. He is also very flexible and helps put together everything in place before we started using the office in May.


I have engaged Spire ID twice already, for both my new homes. During our discussions, I would tell Desmond the theme that I like and he would be able to come up with ideas and design it exactly to what I am looking for. It is as if he could read minds! He is extremely responsible and managed to adhere to our timeline without fail. I trusted Desmond with his work and for that, I did not have to constantly supervise on the renovation progress because I know he would be able to deliver whatever that was planned for. His design ideas were amazing and I really liked how he provided a lot of storage space for my home, with one of them being a cabinet which could be lifted up from the floor. My first unit is meant to be rented out and when my tenant came to view the unit for the first time, he liked it so much he decided to take up the place immediately. Plus point is that my tenant is an architect himself so he certainly knows a thing or two about the great workmanship of the place, all thanks to Desmond and his team. I would rate Desmond a 200% for his fantastic job, and I have recommended Spire ID to my friend, with my friend recommending them to another of his friend as well cause they are just wonderful.

Mr Wong

I got to know about Spire ID after seeing them on a few websites and reading past comments about them. Yvonne was very professional and she did quite a good job renovating my place. She was able to manage and execute the whole project well and everything went according to schedule. The designs she came up with pretty much matched what I was looking for. I have been living here for 2 years now and there has not been any problem since then. All in all, I am happy with their services.


Yvonne was a very good and dedicated personnel. She was able to deliver the design ideas that I had in mind and I was happy with the end result. Even though they might not exactly be the cheapest but I definitely had my money’s worth from all the great works that she was able to do. After 4 years of living in my current place, everything is still intact and in good condition. There was one instance where a minor part of the cabinets had to be fixed, and Yvonne was prompt in sending someone over to fix them.


Overall, the experience with Desmond has been pretty great. I am happy with the end result of the renovation and there is nothing that I would complain about since everything was good. For any minor touch ups that were needed for my place, Desmond was quick to get it fixed.


My place was completed by Spire ID two years ago and when I called them for some small touch ups this January, Yvonne came down to fix them within a short time period. She is very responsive to customers’ concerns and will rectify any issues immediately. I actually first got to know about Spire ID through a friend after seeing how nice my friend’s place was, as done by them. It has been a positive experience working with Yvonne. It is apparent she has put in her best effort to do up my place and I am happy with the overall renovation process and the end result. One good point about Yvonne is that she’s not the kind of designer who would hard sell her ideas to you. She’s always open to ideas and won’t force you into accepting any of her ideas if you don’t like them.

Chuan Jin

Over a span of 6 months, I’ve spoken to a few interior designers but since my home renovation was not exactly a huge project, Yvonne was one of the IDs who showed genuine interest in renovating my place. The other reasons why I decided to go with Yvonne was because she was capable in coming up with nice, aesthetically-pleasing designs and her pricing was within the reasonable range. She was very good in coming up with ideas and she would listen to me and try to make the proposed ideas work rather than forcing her own ideas on me. The renovation has just been completed not too long ago, and the overall designs are great and I really like the brick walls right next to the cement wall in the living room. That is actually the favourite part of my home!

Keith & Jeane

Thanks for the GREAT job!

What started out as a couple’s desire for a dream home turns out to be more than what was expected. “Heavenly” is the word. Friends & relatives gasps with disbelieves the moment they step into our home, with more along the way as they walk through the house. Many even volunteered their overnight stays.

Much thanks to Yvonne Chiang, who have contributed endless towards the successful completion to this project. Throughout the entire project, Yvonne gave her very best from the drawing table to after-completion services. Shie is professional, responsive & extremely dedicated. She is also a good listener and a strong designer, marrying our lifestyle, design and practival needs into our new home – one that we are extremely proud of.


We are very pleased with the result of SPIRE ID’S renovation for our condo apartment. The level of service, attention to details, and consultation was excellent.

We had lot of ideas on how we want our home to look like and Desmond was able to meet all our expectations. Desmond is great, he is very professional & provided great recommendations according to our taste & budgets. Choosing an Interior designer who is reliable, affordable & understands your needs is never easy. I am really happy with the whole experience dealing with SPIRE ID and would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone.

Melvin & Felicia

We found Spire Id through a friend’s recommendation. We were impressed by their practicality in design and layout without compromising on creativity. Spire’s ID designer listened tour likes and dislikes and managed to work out a design and layout that suits our lifestyle. We were very pleased with the final design. They have managed to create a living space which I have always envisioned living in. The renovation process was a breeze and very enjoyable.

Hearing many compliments about our new house from our friends bring much joy to us. We have a couple of friends who wanted their contact details after viewing our home. We are very glad that we have chosen Spire Id and they have proven themselves to be a responsible and creative Interior Designer firm, who listens to customers’ view yet offering their own ideas that complement our likes.

Thank you Spire!


Yvonne from SPIRE ID is a GOOD, PROMPT, RESPONSIVE and PATIENT interior designer. Generally, the renovation went smoothly and we were happy with most of the work. The overall renovation process was smooth and there were no major hiccups. Minor hiccups were rectified immediately. Yvonne managed to hand over the project earlier than the deadline which was between the major holidays, Christmas & Chinese New Year.

Cherrydette Garcia Magsino

Yvonne and her company were highly recommended by a friend so we engaged with her on the kitchen reno in Aug. She was HANDS-ON and the staff/workers were WELL TRAINED & PROFESSIONAL. Yvonne came up with a lot of better and creative solutions which are modern and practical. They delivered within the timeline commitment so there was less hassle for us. Overall, I would also highly recommend Yvonne and her team to others who wish to have a hassle-free reno.

Tracy Ng

I was strongly recommended by a friend and heard Yvonne has done many good jobs for the past 10 years. I really appreciate Yvonne’s accommodation especially to maintain modern design for our fengshui direction. My hubby and my work are busy , and Yvonne will truly provide sincere advice and assist us for our request. So thankful to have Yvonne help for our lovely new home. Highly recommended! Amazing work!

Foo Yong Yan

As a new home owner, there’s a lot of things I’m unaware and inexperienced when it comes to home renovation and designs. Desmond and Yvonne had been PATIENT in explaining and guiding me well in selections of materials from tiling to design choices. No complaints on that. Their delivery and workmanship had also been great. Progress updates were clear and their attention to details were IMPECCABLE. Great Service to Delivery

Mei Ying

We went directly to Spire ID after seeing their works on Qanvast. It was a pleasant experience working with Desmond from Spire ID, He shared plenty of good ideas with us during our discussions, and felt that he’s SINCERE and NOT PUSHY. As we were busy with our wedding preparations, we entrusted the entire renovation project to him as I felt that I could trust him to get things done without our supervision. Desmond also provided regular updates on the progress of the renovation. Overall, we are very satisfied with the whole renovation and we must say that Desmond managed to wow us and have exceeded our expectations.


We went to contact Spire ID directly from Qanvast as we like their works that were featured. We felt really comfortable with our appointed ID, Yvonne. She is RESPONSIBLE and PROMPT with her communication throughout the renovation. There were also some minor hiccups that surfaced but Yvonne was able to rectify them quickly. Overall, I think the renovation went smoothly and the works done by Spire ID are value for money!