Bed Series RS

SGD 4,200.00

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Earliest site evaluation date : Mon 29 Apr 2024

Site evaluation is to ensure series' installation.
Delivery & installation will be 2 weeks upon site evaluation.

Contact us for your preferred site evaluation/delivery date, our personnel will be glad to assist you.


  • Cater for Queen size bed (bed set excluded)
  • Series complete with solid ply wood in laminate finishes, swing door panels with soft closing hinges & ABS trimming
  • Internal compartment c/w color PVC finishes (light cream)
  • 5 Sets of internal shelving (removable)


  • Allowance space for Queen size bed 1650mm width x 1700mm height
  • 2500mm width x 2500mm height x 400mm depth (external)
  • C1F 350mm width x 2400mm height x 400mm depth (external)
  • C2T 1650mm width x 700mm height x 400mm depth (external)
  • C2F 500mm width x 2400mm height x 400mm depth (external)
  • BU 100mm to 150mm upon on site installation
  • Pricing includes delivery & installation
  • Electrical works excluded


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