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A peek into HDB flats designed by SPIRE

Professionals pull out all the stops and break convention when it comes to doing up various HDB flats. Glossy images of typical Housing Board flats made over into sleek stunners turn up regularly on social media feeds.

These chic dwellings are often the work of interior designers who have a nose for style, but do they walk the talk themselves? Three sets of interior designers open their homes to show how they overhauled their HDB flats into crisply tailored spaces.

Extraordinary HDB Designs That Aren’t Your Usual Boxes

Admit it, you are just as tired of today’s BTO flats as we are.

Just think of the cookie-cutter layout that you see over and over again in recent HDB developments. You know the ones with tiny statement walls (that actually don’t make much of a statement), asymmetrical central walkways and boxed-in living rooms.