I first got to know about Spire ID through a friend. I was actually talking to a few other interior designers before eventually deciding to work with Chhaya from Spire ID because I felt that her style of work and ideas were most compatible to what I was looking for. We sat down for a couple of hours to discuss ideas for my home renovation, before she provided me a quotation. Hence, it was good how she wanted to fully understand what I liked rather than simply throwing in numbers without a comprehensive details to it. Chhaya was very open to my ideas and she would make sure that the suggestions are taken and implemented. Anything she thought that would be a concern to us, she would bring it up and gave us the best possible solution to it. Even after the renovation has been completed, Chhaya would promptly tend to the minor issues that needed to be addressed at my place.


Overall, the experience with Desmond has been pretty great. I am happy with the end result of the renovation and there is nothing that I would complain about since everything was good. For any minor touch ups that were needed for my place, Desmond was quick to get it fixed.


Each time I needed renovation for my place, I would go back to Desmond. He has never failed to surprise me each time because he will always update me with the latest designs and trends. He does not simply recommend something trendy, but he will actually propose ideas which he thinks would be suitable for me and my home. It has been a really good experience working with Desmond and his quality of work are great. The kind of attitude, service, responsiveness and willingness to help of Desmond made him stood out among the other interior designers whom I had consulted before.


My place was completed by Spire ID two years ago and when I called them for some small touch ups this January, Yvonne came down to fix them within a short time period. She is very responsive to customers' concerns and will rectify any issues immediately. I actually first got to know about Spire ID through a friend after seeing how nice my friend's place was, as done by them. It has been a positive experience working with Yvonne. It is apparent she has put in her best effort to do up my place and I am happy with the overall renovation process and the end result. One good point about Yvonne is that she's not the kind of designer who would hard sell her ideas to you. She's always open to ideas and won't force you into accepting any of her ideas if you don't like them.


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