It has been a very pleasant experience working with Desmond. I told him the things that I wanted and he was able to deliver. As Desmond is a man of few words, some people find him a little too quiet but personally, I really liked how he listens, takes in the ideas and does the job well. Since I am a practical person, he would come up with ideas which are both durable while not compromising on its aesthetic appeal at the same time. I had faith in Desmond in doing a good job which is why I gave him a lot of freedom and a green light for all the works without having me to monitor them too much. I have been living in my place for a few months now and his service does not stop there as he would do minor touch ups once in a while. The end result went beyond my expectations whilst still being able to be within my budget. Keep up the good work, Desmond!


I got to know about Spire ID after seeing them on a few websites and reading past comments about them. Yvonne was very professional and she did quite a good job renovating my place. She was able to manage and execute the whole project well and everything went according to schedule. The designs she came up with pretty much matched what I was looking for. I have been living here for 2 years now and there has not been any problem since then. All in all, I am happy with their services.

Mr. Wong

The experience with Yvonne was something hard to come by. She was very good and accommodative to what I wanted for my place. The place was so well-done up and when I actually sold off my place as I was going to move to another place, the buyer liked it so much he decided to take up the place within a day. In addition, the whole renovation was actually completed faster than what I have anticipated previously. There were some minor things that needed to be tweaked but Yvonne had been able to handle them well. I am already planning to engage Spire ID again for my next renovation project cause they were really great.

Kian Hong

Yvonne was a very good and dedicated personnel. She was able to deliver the design ideas that I had in mind and I was happy with the end result. Even though they might not exactly be the cheapest but I definitely had my money’s worth from all the great works that she was able to do. After 4 years of living in my current place, everything is still intact and in good condition. There was one instance where a minor part of the cabinets had to be fixed, and Yvonne was prompt in sending someone over to fix them.


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