Desmond from Spire ID was excellent! I actually got to know Spire ID through a friend and decided to engage them after seeing my friend's wonderfully renovated place done by Spire ID a few years back. Desmond handled my whole project and oversees the entire renovation process, including liaising with a few parties such as the contractors. Everything was done as scheduled according to the timeline. I really appreciated how he has done up additional things which was not included in our initial plan. For example, he decided to help conceal the aircon ducting so as to make it more pleasant for the eyes, even though it was not something that we have discussed on earlier. Their service is incredible and after 2 months of moving in into my new place, I am still very happy with all the works that they have done.


Despite having a tight timeline, Desmond was quick and responsive and managed to finish the renovation on time, with our office renovation done in less than a month's time. This is actually our second time engaging Spire ID based on our positive past exprience with them and it did not disappoint the second time round. Desmond is very down-to-earth, straightforward and he does whatever that is necessary and practical for our office. He did a wonderful job coordinating with various parties such as the contractors and management cause sometimes it could be a hassle having to apply for permits but he managed to coordinate everything well. He is also very flexible and helps put together everything in place before we started using the office in May.


The experience with Spire ID was fantastic with the whole renovation process and its end result exceeding my expectations! Desmond, being our designer, looked after the whole project. He does not simply makes promises, but actually over delivers and goes leaps and bounds to materialize my dream home into a reality. The renovated place in real life turned out exactly as how it was pictured in the 3D drawings, from the colours of the walls up to the furnitures in them. Whenever I proposed an idea, he would provide constructive feedback and made sure that I do not spend money on things unnecessarily. I would constantly ask him questions as to whether some furnitures would fit well in my home and he is ever so responsive and he even went out of his way to go furniture shopping with me. He was pretty much there throughout the renovation journey including the curtain fittings where he would provide his insights into what he thinks would match and look great for our home. Even though I have been living in my home for four new years now, Desmond would come in occasionally to do some touch ups since I like to change things up every now and then. Every Hari Raya, my guests have been asking me which interior designer have done up my place and I would never hesitate to recommend Spire ID to my family and friends. I am more than pleased with Desmond’s work and I have actually continued to engage them a couple more times for my office’s renovation and my family’s home.


I have engaged Spire ID twice already, for both my new homes. During our discussions, I would tell Desmond the theme that I like and he would be able to come up with ideas and design it exactly to what I am looking for. It is as if he could read minds! He is extremely responsible and managed to adhere to our timeline without fail. I trusted Desmond with his work and for that, I did not have to constantly supervise on the renovation progress because I know he would be able to deliver whatever that was planned for. His design ideas were amazing and I really liked how he provided a lot of storage space for my home, with one of them being a cabinet which could be lifted up from the floor. My first unit is meant to be rented out and when my tenant came to view the unit for the first time, he liked it so much he decided to take up the place immediately. Plus point is that my tenant is an architect himself so he certainly knows a thing or two about the great workmanship of the place, all thanks to Desmond and his team. I would rate Desmond a 200% for his fantastic job, and I have recommended Spire ID to my friend, with my friend recommending them to another of his friend as well cause they are just wonderful.


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