It was through a family friend’s recommendation that I found out about Spire. I liked their personalised service, and their designs and budget met what I was looking for and hence decided to engage them for my renovation. I gave my interior designer, Yvonne, my practical requirements such as storage space and child-proof environment. Yvonne was able to suggest designs based on these guidelines. I liked the ideas and colour scheme she suggested. Overall the renovation went well, everything was done on time and Yvonne would give me timely updates, be it editorial or pictorial updates, via email and WhatsApp. Her regular updates allowed us to stick to our timeline. One thing I really liked was how Yvonne could coordinate external vendors during the renovation process, such as for the water filtration to be set-up. After the renovation, we faced minor issues with the flooring which Yvonne was quickly able to rectify after following up with us.


I found out about Spire through a friend. In terms of design, I knew what I wanted and they were able to make suggestions on top of it. Overall the renovation went well with minimal hiccups. My favourite part of the house has to be the TV console that Spire designed which has many hidden compartments. Follow-up was satisfactory as well with them promptly rectifying any issues I faced.


I was browsing through the internet when I came across Spire. I had initially shortlisted a few interior designers but decided to go for Spire as I felt their interior designer, puts in effort in building a personal relationship with her clients. I am actually quite picky and wanted something very unique for my home. They were very patient and understood what I wanted. I had some idea in mind for the design of the house and Spire was able to make suggestions accordingly. They were able to custom-make all my furniture according to my requirement. Overall I feel the quality of the workmanship is good and Spire was able to meet the timeline I planned for my renovation, in fact everything was done within 5 weeks. Along the way there were some hiccups and I also wanted to some changes, which they were able to accommodate. I like how they were able to tear down a sliding door joining my living room and bedroom and replace it with a customised door. Even the follow-up was good with touch-ups and changes being made promptly. All in all I am satisfied with the way my house turned out.


I got to know about Spire and Yvonne, my interior designer, through my brother-in-law who engaged them and gave good feedback about them. I was very satisfied with Yvonne's work after our first few discussions and she was quick in responding back to me with the 3D visual images. There was not much follow-up required because things were done efficiently and there was constant feedback during the renovation process itself. When I shared my ideas with Yvonne, she was able to meet my expectations with her designs and proposed suggestions to improve the design in terms of convenience and functionality. There were some miscommunications during the renovation process, for instance the pipe installation was not done very well. Yvonne responded very quickly to such issues and rectified them. She did not charge extra for additional installations like bathroom handle bars, which is commendable. The most likeable trait for Yvonne is that she has very good coordination skills and does not let any opportunity that could help us save costs slip past. For instance, she suggested to recondition the antique study desk into a table for photo frame display that we initially were going to discard. We love it a lot!


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