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Spire ID's Managing Director Desmond Phua always strives to deliver something unique in life. He is determined to provide only good quality work to his clients. His firm determination to accomplish this goal and passion for interior design has made his company's success story something worth inspiring. Specialising in interior design & consultancy works, Desmond and his team are proud of their company SpireID. Spire which means the highest point or pinnacle, symbolically proclaims a martial power representing strength and continuous growth.

At the initial stage, the first few clients of Spire were mainly former clients and their referrals. To expand the company’s clientele, Desmond experimented with several possibilities. Being a new set up, convincing new clients was challenging.

"Clients who know us, trust us and have no doubts in our workmanship and services. For new clients, initially they are always slightly hesitant, thinking that the work might not go smoothly etc. But later not only they become enthusiastic clients but also good friends who shower us with more work by referring us to their family and friends. Besides convincing new clients with portfolios & testimonials, I still find that being certified by reputable authorities to acknowledge our standards is very important." Within a very short period of time Spire washonoured when they were certified as Case-Trust accredited renovator. "The whole process wasn't easy as they assessed everything from our company’s financial standing, workmanship, site assessment to project management."

Desmond leads his team with passion and resolution to provide excellent creativity, craftsmanship and services. He believes one must have confidence and perseverance to attain one’s goal. "At Spire, as long as one is willing & ready to learn, I will be there to assist." Hedoesn't believe in the 9am to 5pm normal routine and gives his colleagues freedom. "As long as they know what are their roles & responsibilities towards the company, they know what to do."Spire is a team of responsible and disciplined colleagueswho share wonderful mutual understanding amongst themselves and are driven by the same passion to deliver their best.

Desmond and his team definitely have the required characteristic qualities to attain their company goals. With these assets, Team Spire plans to broaden their experiencein the commercial interior design industry as well as in the overseas market and take Spire to greater heights.

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